What are the age requirements?

Skater shall be 8 years old at the start of the session to be eligible to skate with the Saskatoon Junior Roller Derby League. ​Any skater achieving 18 years old shall be asked to join an adult level of derby. Any junior turning 18 or older before the season is over will finish their season with SJRDL before being eligible for adult-level derby.

How do you split up skaters and how much contact is involved?

Level 1 – Beginner – This is where everyone starts; this is a place for beginners. We teach you the skills that you will need, help you build your strength, and teach you how the game works. There is no hitting at this level; we want you to focus on getting confident on your skates!

Level 2 – Intermediate​ – This is where you go when you start to learn about contact, you can lean into people but you may not hit. You start to learn strategy, advanced skating skills, rules, athletic training, and injury prevention.

Level 3 – Advanced – Recommended minimum age 13 – This is full contact, competitive junior-level roller derby. You will be learning advanced strategy, skating skills, and hitting techniques.

What are the costs?

We run two sessions per year. For the 2023 winter/spring session, the registration fee is $250 per skater. This covers 2 practices a week from January 8 to Mid June, excluding school breaks. This is payable through e-transfer, cash, cheque, or installments.

If cost is a barrier please reach out to us through email.

Each skater must have a provincial health card and WFTDI secondary insurance which costs $52.50 per year including taxes.

What is Required for Protective Gear?

The cost of equipment is NOT included in the registration fee. We have loaner gear available for new skaters. We also have options to assist with finding previously used gear.

● Quad skates​(not inline or roller blades)

● Knee pads​

● Elbow pads

● Wrist guards

● Mouth guard: ​Adult mouth guards do not fit many of our skaters; ensure to get one that is appropriate.

● Roller sport helmet or hockey helmet​ (not a bike helmet), must fit snugly and not move around on the head.

Where do I find equipment?

● Escape Sports​ – If you want to buy local, this is one of the very few stores in town that sells roller skates. They are located on the corner of Avenue A and 19th; right across the street from the farmer’s market.

Rollergirl.ca​ – This shop is based out of Vancouver.

● Nerd Roller Skates​ – This shop is based out of Calgary, find their site at nerdskates.com. Both of these shops are extremely experienced in selling a good-fitting pair of skates over the internet; they are reasonably priced and have great customer service and turnaround time on orders.

● Look for used equipment on Kijiji​ and Facebook Marketplace.

What do I wear for Practice?

Wear comfortable clothing the skater can move in, athletic clothing suitable for sports.